Workaholics Anonymous holds an annual conference and audio recordings of some of the sessions are available. The clickable titles and some topic information follow (with file size in parentheses). Please note that these audio files are not professionally produced and they are of uneven quality (progress not perfection!). We hope that they strengthen your recovery. Every attempt has been made to anonymize content. The views expressed in these audio files do not necessarily represent the views of W.A. World Service Organization. Reproduction for media purposes or redistribution is NOT allowed. All materials © 2004-2015, W.A. World Service Organization.

2012 Conference in Portland, Oregon
2011 Conference in Austin, Texas
2010 Conference in Menlo Park, California
2005 Conference in Portland, Oregon
2004 Conference in San Francisco, California
  • Coming Soon
2006 Conference in Florida
  • Coming Soon
2007 Conference in Portland, Oregon
  • Coming Soon

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