All About Meetings

W.A. Tool of Meetings: We attend W.A. meetings to learn how the fellowship works and to share our experience, strength and hope with each other.

  • Media people, please click here for specific resources.
  • Friends and family, here's your resource page.
  • FIND a meeting: There are over fifty W.A. meetings internationally. You can find a meeting by nation and region. If there are not in-person meetings near you, many people enjoy sharing recovery internationally via phone and Internet meetings. There are listings available of meetings online and via the phone and email . We are starting up a monthly online newcomers meeting. Please join us in continuing to deepen in recovery.
  • START a meeting: If you are inspired to start a meeting near you, we have a New Meeting page with New Meeting Starter Packets available. Please also make sure you REGISTER your new meeting so that we can add it to the website!
  • MEETING CATALYSTS: If you are looking to connect up with other W.A. members to start a meeting in your area, for co-sponsorship, or for other reason, you might want to check out the Networking Page where members can connect. There is also a list of Meeting Catalysts by city where people are interested in starting W.A. meetings.
  • REGISTER AND UPDATE YOUR MEETING LISTING: If your World Service Representative has changed, or your meeting has moved, use this Registration/Update Page to update us about your meeting contact and world service information. It is vital for W.A. World Service to have up-to-date email and mailing contact information for each group so that we can get all the latest and greatest information to each and every meeting!
  • STAYING CONNECTED: We publish STORY LINE, a quarterly journal of writings by members of the fellowship. Also read back issues of Living in Balance. We also have a e-subscription service for our eNewsletter.

  • ATTEND A CONFERENCE: Come take in many meetings, study the Steps, and get a sponsor in a restorative setting at our annual conferences where you can gain the experience, strength, and hope of fellow recovering compulsive workers, worriers, and work avoiders.