The Literature Committee is pleased to announce that the pre-design manuscript of WA's newest publication is now available for review by the Membership prior to a vote on becoming Conference-approved literature at the 2018 WA Conference in Philadelphia. The new book is the Book of Serenity: Meditations for Recovery, a weekly reader with 52 meditations. We are very grateful to the Meditation Book Subcommittee for its years of dedicated service to bring you this lovely book, designed to enhance your prayer and meditation experience. We are also grateful to the anonymous individual members who have contributed their personal shares. 
To access the file on-line, go to and follow the instructions. You will be able to view the document, but not be able to print or edit it. The document is not yet formatted the same as the book will appear when published - it is only the text of the book. The text you are viewing will be brought forward for vote for consideration as Conference-approved literature at the 2018 Conference.
Votes of WSRs attending the Conference and absentee ballots will be counted. Note that publications of new Conference-approved literature are not subject to the minimum two-year process for approval of revisions of existing WA Conference-approved literature. Suggestions, questions and comments are always welcome by e-mailing While the manuscript will be viewable until the close of the 2018 Conference, we would appreciate receiving your comments before June 30, 2018
The Literature Committee will be responsible for managing the details of the book’s design and publication once the Fellowship approves the manuscript as “Conference approved literature.” A few copies of the book will be printed as demos, and orders may be taken at the Conference. A follow-up 366-day daily meditation book is in the works. Please continue to submit your meditation book entries by following the link on the bottom right of our home page at Thank you for taking time to share this manuscript with your home meeting, reviewing it individually and together, and considering it carefully for final approval. Enjoy the Book of Serenity! 

Workaholics Anonymous World Service Organisation (WAWSO) wants to create a book with daily meditations for workaholics as a help to recovery, composed of texts from the fellowship.

We have put together the information for the steps of the process and some samples to inspire you.

Please share the following paper with your groups. It can be helpful - and fun - to make writing meetings.

Meditation Submission Materials

MedBook Submission Pack (pdf)
Call for Submissions Flyer for Meeting Groups (pdf)
Meditation Group Meeting Format (pdf)